The Child Within – Why I will always love comics

Everybody makes up a target early on, right? I mean even a little kid is fully determined to become like his dad or the favorite uncle one day. And the next thing a few years after that it’s very much likely to become a fireman (very rugged) or a detective (a PI that is). But I guess every once in a while there comes a dreamer who doesn’t see the fantasy world like the others. Inevitably this kid goes on and sets his goal to become a superhero.

Kids reading comics thenYes, yours truly was one of such kid with a lot time filled not with baseball but the most extravagant of heroes, costumes, secret bases and epic fights. It took me a pain full time in high school and the crown of the king of nerds to realize finally, I can’t be a super hero.

There were only two paths left open for me when I grew up, I could either become a writer or artist in the comics industry (I did try that!) or go forward like the mediaeval knight, forever in love with the one woman he can’t have … and I became a comic book fan ☺

As a New Yorker it was like a rite of passage for me and my buddies to collect, read and as much as we could live in Spiderman comics. We were not discriminating, we went for both the DC and Marvel superheroes, at least the major ones as we couldn’t afford all of them. But Spidy was like a buddy to all of us. Who else is going through all the trouble of school, homework, heartache and financial crisis we all faced in our neighborhood. Spidy was like me or my friends, he just had the powers we all had in our imagination.

And when I was not daydreaming about Spiderman, looking at the tall buildings in the distance through my bedroom window, I thought about the polar opposite, Batman. He is ever. He is everything you want in a rugged, billionaire super cool detective which Spiderman is not. And of course the dark, brooding attitude always appealed to a kid who wants to be tough too.

Grown ups buying comicsBefore I knew it I was out in the real world and was making money as an accounting assistant just after my college days. And guess what was on my weekly shopping list? Comics of course 😀 I had a computer at my place, a bean bag chair and an ever growing pile of comics on my bed. Funny thing is, after all these years I am still that college kid, I am still buying loads of comics, just not anymore as crisp, paper ones, I switched to e-books as soon as they became widely available.

The best thing is, now that I am a ‘responsible adult’ with a kid of my own, I didn’t have to leave my love of comics behind. I took my boy into the fan club and now we spend a lot of time together going over endings, storylines and plot holes. You might think its baseball what gets a father and son together, but in the Baltic household, it’s the adventures and fantasies what made us a team.

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