The Best Hiking Trails in the US

I must admit that although a massive comic nerd that we Americans love football, yes, however, their pastime is not limited to simply watching games onscreen or live on the football field or basketball court. We also love to get up, put on their good hiking boots, go for a hike and actually sweat it out.

Yes you read right! Sometime I put the comics down and enjoy what nature has betowed upon us, in fact I’ve hiked in some of the most beautiful places in America.


Hiking is one of America’s favorite outdoor activities. Perhaps it gives that rush they need to get motivated physically. Hence, they are also meticulous when it comes to getting themselves the perfect pair of boots – they need to be really good hiking boots.

Here are five of the best hiking trails in the US where Americans take their good hiking boots for a workout:

Denali National Park

This is for the adventurers who are searching for a rugged and undomesticated location. This is located outside the borders of the mainland, which is characterized by mostly trail-less paths.

Denali National Park


For this reason, you might need some good hiking boots as you will be forging your own trail as you cruise along the path. It’s quite an untamed location for novice hikers as you may encounter a few challenges along the way, such as wildlife and streams. This is for the highly expert and adventurous hikers who have their good hiking boots ready for some action.

Zion National Park

This hiking location can be found in Utah. With its astounding cliffs and views, you will greatly appreciate the diverse nature sights.

Zion National Park is known to have the highest and narrowest of the ravines, hence it’s known as the “slickrock country”. Some trails in Zion National Park are very steep and narrow and you will need to have good hiking boots and smaller backpacks in order to get through.

Grand Canyon National Park

This tourist spot is not only good for taking souvenir photos, but Grand Canyon National Park is promising for hikers too. According to Northern Arizona University, about five million people visit this place to enjoy the grandest view of the vistas.

Grand Canyon National Park


For hikers, Grand Canyon National park’s trail begin with the downhill trail, hence the need for good hiking boots and other hiking equipment.

Most hikers find themselves exhausted trailing back up to where they started, so you might want to include a lot of water in your “things to bring”, obviously part from your good hiking boots. Also, since Grand Canyon has 15 trails, you need to have a good hiking plan ahead of time.

Old Rag Mountain

(Shenandoah National Park, Va.)

This is one of the famous and most visited hiking spots in the US, because of its “classic hike” requirement. Your good hiking boots will have to trail through rugged pathways and terrain with lots of rocky and uneven surfaces.

While most people tag Old Rag Mountain as popular for hiking, most hikers find out that it is not an easy trail to hike at all. Like most other hiking destinations, it is also presented with dangerous challenges along the way. It is always important to ensure safe and quality hiking equipment.

Yosemite National Park

This national park is located in California and has garnered the title as the most spectacular national parks in America. According to, Yosemite National Park has the size as Rhode Island and that it also has about 800 miles of hiking trails which makes it exciting for hikers.

You will encounter lakes, rivers, rich wildlife and mountains formed from glacier as you tread through the park. Much like other hiking destinations, you will need good hiking boots to get you through the hiking experience.

Whichever hiking destination you choose, the advice you will get from your research for preparation will be all about some common things – good planning, good equipment and resources and above all, good hiking boots.

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