Making the Switch – Comics on my iPad

I am a comic book fan lover living the world of tablet computers and 3D holographic technology. Ha! It sounds like a dream come true that, I can buy a lot gadgets my childhood heroes used just off the self in the nearest shopping mall or even just order on amazon. So I did got a little carried away and bought a  ton of useless replicas and memorabilia (to be honest I still buy those as a gift for my 12 year old son, though I am equally enthusiastic about his basement museum of Awesome). But the best thing I got for myself is definitely my shiny new iPad. As a well-known character out of a well know book might say, it’s my…. Precious 😀

Comics on iPadSo I just bought a new iPad and was going through all the HD buttons and app store goodies with glazed eyes and just then BAM! There was a comic book app hidden among all others. Imagine my surprise, it was like Christmas came early! I instantly looked over a lot of other comic book apps and digital versions of the latest issues I was yet to buy.

Remember it was the beginning of digital comic days. It was not so popular, tabs were not yet as sleek as the ones we use today and people are still finding the transition a little troublesome, mostly because we comic lovers are creatures of habit. After I got into a few forums of fellow e-book fans, I saw that a lot of people are discussing the same thing, “which one is better?”

I am environmentalist, I am not an activist despite the urge of saving the planet sometimes like Captain Planet. And as such, I gladly took the trouble of changing my reading habit of from paper to digital. With the new apps coming every few days, it became easier and easier to read and enjoy the digital comics as I did the paper ones.

There are several apps available for the serious comic reader. And a few general e-book reader which are good for a more versatile reading experience. You can have the latest and favorite comics saved on your iPad, for the rest of them, if you want a neat and light experience keep them on iCloud. But if you are a hoarder like me ☺ you can have your entire collection on your device.

You are definitely going to miss the feel and smell of new, fresh comics just out of the oven. But think of the ease you can carry your entire library in your iPad! I had a considerable pile of comic books collected from my childhood and what if I wanted to read an issue about a decade old? I would have dive into my store room and spend an hour to just get hold of it. But now! I can just log into my cloud and start reading.

A lot of people says they miss the feeling of accomplishment of collecting the books. Yes that’s an issue when you read digital books. You don’t get the satisfaction of holding your 100th book or more likely the 1000th one. But you are still able to own them, collect them and flaunt them in the face of the other collectors.

And as I said, just collecting them doesn’t cut it, you also need to be able to read it whenever you want. You can read your digital comics virtually anywhere. Going to office on metro? Whisk out your iPad and grab a new issue. Waiting at the dentist? Why bother with stale magazines when you got the favorite Spiderman issue on your iPad. Got to kill some time while waiting for someone? Out comes the iPad to rescue you from boredom. Even in the middle of the night, lying beside your wife who is none the wiser 😉

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