Hey, fellow comic readers – Great jobs for nerds!

If your manager has made it endlessly obvious that your motion picture quality spandex reproduction of Superman’s suit isn’t office fitting clothing. The world has little love for the comic book fan and the corporate world even less. Things being what they are after all. What would you be able to do to demonstrate your energy for realistic books? All things considered, you might need to consider changing professions. Like to one of these employments if you are a comic lover.

On the off chance that your actual nerd identity is shouting at the new buzzword. It’s a great opportunity to take your brain off it and nerd out to some of these employments:


CartoonistEveryone at some point likes to be a hero. There, we said it. There’s something cool about wearing a cape. Along with that, flying crosswise over urban areas and having a super-control over yourself. And with a super-power that you gained through the most mind-blowing arrangement of occasions.

Be that as it may, why not make another comic character and get famous with them? Ideal for anybody that got reprimanded at school for doodling everywhere on their activity books. Being a comic book artist is a definitive route not to grow up. Also, you have an extraordinary reason to begin comic book gathering once more… it’s exploration, all things considered.

Comic Book Store

The most evident decision for a comic book lover is to possess a comic book shop. You will be among individuals with similar interest.Also encompassed by comic books and related stock. Best of all, you will be the first to get the most recent issues of your most loved hero’s adventure. You aren’t paid much but surrounded by love.


creative designersOn the off chance that you have even little creative abilities, you might need to consider seeking after the creative side of comic books. Comic book distributors utilize artist, authors, and creative designers to create their productions. Journalists make the stories that you fixate on. If you need to end up plainly one, a degree in English and a temporary position with a noteworthy distributor certainly makes a difference.

Prop Maker

Marginally outside the domain of the genuine distributions, prop making frequently includes making suits/weapons/prosthetics for motion picture revamp of your most loved legends.

Without a doubt, not every one of the occupations you get will be comic book related. On the off chance that you break into the business now, considering the current pattern of Marvel or DC films, you may be included in more comic related tasks than beforehand make sure you have the right insurance though.

Game Tester

Game TesterIn case you’re a PC nerd that spends throughout the day playing PC diversions. Beating 12-year-olds on the opposite side of the world, how might you feel if we revealed to you that you could do it as a profession?

PC games analyzers get PAID to play various games, see any glitches and feel egotistical about having such an astonishing occupation. Quiet down and quit hopping on the couch, despite everything you must complete Level 12 preceding you can save the princess in the castle.


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