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Hey, fellow comic readers – Great jobs for nerds!

If your manager has made it endlessly obvious that your motion picture quality spandex reproduction of Superman’s suit isn’t office fitting clothing. The world has little love for [..]


My Favorite Marvel Heroes

Marvel Comics is the core imprint of Marvel Worldwide Inc. The Walt Disney company in 2009 acquired Marvel Entertainment. The greater part of Marvel’s fictional characters works in [..]


Want a Stable Job in Today’s Economy? Try These Tips!

It is difficult to find a stable job in today’s economy. More and more people are getting made redundant, whilst the prices of commodities continue to increase. Nevertheless, [..]


Being Healthy Doesn’t Need to Be Expensive

Health is wealth as they say, and therefore, you should take care of your health at all times. Aside from eating the right kind of food, exercising and [..]


The Best Hiking Trails in the US

I must admit that although a massive comic nerd that we Americans love football, yes, however, their pastime is not limited to simply watching games onscreen or live [..]

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Life as an insurance salesman is exciting. It’s not in every business that most of your customers are pretty negative to indifferent to begin with but along the [..]


Making the Switch – Comics on my iPad

I am a comic book fan lover living the world of tablet computers and 3D holographic technology. Ha! It sounds like a dream come true that, I can [..]

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The Child Within – Why I will always love comics

Everybody makes up a target early on, right? I mean even a little kid is fully determined to become like his dad or the favorite uncle one day. [..]

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