About Baltic

johnny-bHi there! This is John Baltic and this is my pad where I can hang out with you and all my online friends.

I have social media accounts in Facebook, twitter, instagram the whole package. But this is what I always wanted as a medium of sharing my musings.

My website is a place for, anything and everything that might interest me and of course you!

I will keep on writing and you are welcome to comment and send me a message to talk about the stuff you want me to write about.

All the comics

So who am I, besides being the owner of a cool last name? I am a lifelong fan of comics. I don’t discriminate, Marvel, DC and the other smaller houses, I consume them all. And since digital comics became a thing, I am into indie too.

I am a collector of classic comics, that is those I can afford ha ha ha. Really old classics are pretty costly and being an insurance salesman (despite popular belief, we don’t make a killing on bonuses 😛 ) and a family guy, I do have other priorities.

Father and Son as Starlord and GrootYou already know I am family guy. I live with my lovely wife Helen and my son Cody.

Helen and I are together since our junior high and she understands me more than I do. We are a tightly knit family and enjoy really cool time together.

The best thing is I didn’t have to sacrifice my friends to be with my family. Instead, we made a great gang and we hang out together.

The guys at one side and the ladies at other (because they want to keep their conversation a secret!) and as usual the kids all around us.

Apart from all that, I am kind of a health nut. I try to eat healthy, but I got a sweet tooth and it’s pretty hard for me to keep in shape. But I compensate for it by getting into every new course, technique, books and shows. I am currently into Francis-Simon’s love for the keeping fit and I am a real fan of the work.

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