Life as an insurance salesman is exciting. It’s not in every business that most of your customers are pretty negative to indifferent to begin with but along the road becomes strong supporter of the service you provide.

Multicar pileupWhen I was a kid, my dad didn’t want to bother about insurance policies. We had a decent home and a family car and pretty calm life. One day coming home from work he got into a multi vehicle car accident. Luckily his car was the last in the pile up and lost only its front bumper. But the cars inside the mound of wreckage, those were gone! And the owners were no better.

My dad came home, he was very quiet the whole evening and the first thing he did the next day was to get a life insurance for him. You see, he was suddenly afraid that something might happen even during a boring drive from work to home.

Happy family under umbrellaI am not saying this is what we should wait for. Fear is never the correct motivation. But we have to be careful and be prepared. That’s what I try provide for my clients, preparation. A tiny foldable umbrella for the inevitable rainy days of life.

So what I try to do is to create a friendly environment for my clients to relax and see what they need to be a little more prepared about to tackle any trouble that is likely to come up. We need a health insurance to afford more complicated medical treatments and medication. We need an insurance for our car. And if we want to be cautious about our home and everything valuable in it, it’s logical to go for a home insurance. As the economy is getting more and more diversified, our insurance policies are doing so too. You wouldn’t believe what people get insured these days. There are many athletes with insured limbs!

The bottom line is, it’s absolutely possible that nothing bad is ever going to happen to you and you won’t ever need an insurance. But it’s equally possible that something just happen. So in plain words, you are actually buying a happy place for your mind to relax. So if you are curious about the whole mysterious insurance thing, don’t worry, there are several super cool websites and apps to guide you through this. And if you really want a friendly voice to help you out, why don’t you drop me mail and I will be more than happy to assist.


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